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Welcome to The Whitby Club, Ellesmere Port

A sociable place to enjoy a wide choice of live entertainment and sport whatever your age or taste

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Come and join us at The Whitby Bowling Club

We love playing outside with the sun warming our backs, but when the British summer is letting us down we have 3 x indoor Bowling length's which are set up in our enormous, flat Ballroom.


If you've never played then the only equipment a novice needs is a pair of flat shoes. The bowls, or ‘woods’ as they are known, can be provided.If you would like some more information then please contact The Whitby Club on 0151-200 7050 

or email [email protected]


Thank you for your patience.

WhitbyClub bowls WhitbyClub INDOOR bowls

Crown Green




Indoor Bowls


Bowl-ed over

Impressive facilities both inside or outside at The Whitby Bowling Club

Bowls (crown green or carpet) is truly a skillful, relaxing, sociable sport that's suitable for all ages and groups

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