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Sports Facilities






Squash Court

Indoor Bowls

Crown Green Bowls

Rifle Range

Pool Table

Tap into The Whitby Clubs' facilities in Ellesemere Port, West Cheshire

Club Activities

Keep-Fit Classes

Photography Club

Ballroom Dancing

Line Dancing

Poker Night

Running Club

Judo Club

Quiz Night


Pigeon Racing

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Judo Seniors

All Welcome

Judo Facilities

Club Activities

Teach Respect

Judo Classes

Judo Juniors

Here's something more for you to do at this friendly,

sports and social 'hub'...

Judo Club

Grow in confidence when you develop your self defence skills at our friendly Judo Club

Welcome to The Whitby Judo Club


We are currently updating our website.

If you would like some more information then please contact The Whitby Club on 0151-200 7050 or email debbie@whitbyclub.com


Thank you for your patience.

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