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Picture This

A welcoming, award-winning

Photography Society on your doorstep in Ellesmere Port

If you've got an eye for taking photographs

and want to bounce ideas around, then join our

award-winning Photography Society today

Our Photographic Society was formed way back in 1947. Originally set up for employees of Shell at the Stanlow Refinery and Thornton Research Centre in Ellesmere Port, Cheshire, but is now open to any enthusiast.


In 2001, due to a change in ownership of the Shell Club (and to mirror its name change to the Whitby Sports and Social Club), the society changed its name from the “Shell Photographic Society” to the “Whitby Club Photographic Society”.


At the end of the 2011-12 season the name was changed to the “Ellesmere Port Photographic Society”. It was hoped that this would avoid confusion with the town of Whitby in North Yorkshire and be a precise name which accurately pin points our location. The society meets in the President’s Lounge of the Whitby Sports and Social Club, Ellesmere Port, Wirral, Cheshire.


At the Social Club we have a store room with a small portrait studio. Here we store our equipment, including – laptop computer and digital projector - an extensive range of lighting equipment, tungsten and flash, for use on the 'portrait evenings' that are included in the programme for the season.


The objectives of the Society are to promote the use and enjoyment of all aspects of 'still' photography for pleasure purposes on an amateur basis. This is achieved, mainly at the meetings by means of talks, demonstrations and competitions of various kinds, with an annual exhibition at the end of the season.


The Society enters member’s prints and digital images into the annual Lancashire and Cheshire Photographic Union (L&CPU) competition. In the last few years digital photography has become very popular and most, if not all members, have digital cameras, computers and ink-jet printers.


If you would like further information about our Society then you can contact us: