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Welcome to The Whitby Club, Ellesmere Port

A sociable place to enjoy a wide choice of live entertainment and sport whatever your age or taste

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Here's our Poker Schedule:


You can play Texas Holdem twice per week - Thursday, Friday at 7.30pm


Buyin - £13 (includes registration)

Starting chips - 15,000

Early Bird - 5,000 extra when arriving

before 7.30pm (Pre-book by phone/text)


One Rebuy or Add-on for first 3 levels at £10 for 10k chips.


12 week league points leading to a quarterly trophy.

Never played 'Texas Holdem' before but want to know more?

Click here.

Texas Holdem


Poker League

3 times a week

£13 Buy-in

Newcomers are always welcome to join

the Ellesmere Port Poker Club

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Poker Nights

OK, it's time to show us your hand at the Ellesmere Port Poker showdown


Competitive Fun

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Due to popularity, we play twice every week - Thursday, Friday (7:30pm) with a strict start time at The Whitby Club.


The type of poker we play is Texas Holdem (or hold 'em). You may have seen

it on late night TV as it's one of the most popular variations of the standard card game of poker.


If you rebuy or add-on, then you will receive a further 10,000 chips, but remember, just one single rebuy or addon after level 3.


How much do I need to play?

To start (or 'Buy-in') all you need is £13. This will cover your registration.

Once you buy-in, you'll receive your 15,000 'starting chips'. If you come before 7.30pm we'll give you a bonus of an extra 5,000 worth of chips.


Come on, show us your Poker face. If you're interested in pitting your wits and skills against Ellesmere Port's finest Poker players, then come and play. You can just turn up on the night and register, or, you can pre-book by phone, text or email.


If you not sure but would like to know more, please contact Cath Gartman

at The Ellesmere Port Poker Club on 07486 904 193.