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Welcome to The Whitby Club, Ellesmere Port

A sociable place to enjoy a wide choice of live entertainment and sport whatever your age or taste

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Whatever level you play, you can be assured that our snooker tables are kept in first class condition for you. If you've forgotten your chalk then don't worry as we usually have a spare behind the Bar (which conveniently links into the Snooker Room).

So you think you know your snooker?

Did you know...


Snooker originated from the game of Billiards back in the exclusive officers' messes of Victorian India.


The first World Snooker Championship was played in 1927.


Joe Davis won every world championship from 1927 to 1946 (he retired in 1946, probably to give other palyers a chance).


In 1969, David Attenborough commissioned Pot Black to demonstrate the potential of colour television. The TV series became a ratings success and was for a time the second most popular show on BBC 2.


In 1985 a total of 18.5 million viewers watched the final between Dennis Taylor and Steve Davis.

We also have a very good pool table

at the Club.

Quality Tables

Pool Table

Food & Drink

Play for Fun

Snooker Club

Well Lit

All Welcome*

So what's your highest break? 25? 50? 147?

or are you just happy to get double figures?



Welcome to the home of

Ellesmere Port Snooker Club

Snooker_6 Snooker_2 Snooker_5 Snooker_1 Pool_3 Email debbie@whitbyclub.com Meal_3

Up your game, play with the best

and join the Whitby Snooker Club


If you fancy some serious, snooker competition then you can always try and play for the Whitby Snooker Club. Click on the link below for more info' or email Martin.

* You are more than welcome to play on our snooker tables.

Non-members can play snooker here when accompanied with a playing, paid member of The Whitby Sports & Social Club.

Please note that there is a £2 Club entrance fee for non-members.

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