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Special Rate Prices:

£12 Single and £15 for a Couple

Applicable if you have been a member of the Whitby Club
for over 10 consecutive years and you are aged over 60.

Standard Rate Prices:

£22 Single and £30 for a Couple

Non-Existing Members please complete Section 1.

Existing Members go straight to Section 2.

Section 1

Please let us know the Name and Membership number of the persons who have recommended and seconded you.

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Section 2

Your membership details:

Your partner details (if applicable):

Conditions of Membership:

Your Whitby Club (The Club) Membership is renewable annually and is subject to approval
by The Clubs Executive Committee.

All applications must be proposed and seconded by two members of The Club.

Subscriptions will be fixed by the Executive Committee annually and will be payable to
The Club in advance of joining and thereafter in January each year on the dates decided by the
Executive Committee.

Such members shall be permitted to take part in sectional activities providing this is approved by the sections concerned.

Members may hold office and vote at section meetings and may
introduce two Visitors to the Club.

I agree to be bound by the rules of the club and any by-laws made under them.

I understand that my membership card is for my personal use and is NOT TRANSFERRABLE.

Thankyou for your application